A downloadable Mico Fly for Windows and macOS

Mico Fly is a racing game for PlayStation 4 and PC/MAC, where the player takes control of a bird and races through vibrant floating islands while competing with friends or against time.

Mico Fly is a game that was initially developed in an academic background (Instituto Politécnico de Leiria). It was inspired by projects such as "Fugl", and the "Mario Kart" series in a dream to bring the best of those games together: flying movement and amazing aesthetics with fun racing multiplayer modes.

What this version offers: 

Although there has been some changes to the game: different visuals, the addition of customization and multiplayer mode. This version offers the first version of the game as an academic project: single player mode race against time. 

We hope you enjoy it :) 


Made With Unreal Engine 4

Game Made By:



Install instructions

We hope you enjoy the game :)

If you have problems opening the executable, try disabling your antivirus. 


MicoFly-Build-Mac.rar 526 MB
MicoFly-Build-Windows.rar 496 MB


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Wonder Game Like to see more levels :) 5/5

Thanks for playing the game and sharing it!

We are glad you enjoy it.    :)